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The Role of Asset Protect…

The Role of Asset Protection Trusts in Georgia Estate Planning

Careful, thorough estate planning protects your assets in the event of unforeseeable events that could destroy your financial security, such as unanticipated liability. To illustrate how quickly liability can arise and how asset protection trusts can… Read More
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How Nursing Home Care Pla…

How Nursing Home Care Planning Protects Your Assets

Many aging adults require a stay in a nursing home at some point in their later years. Coping with the high cost of even a short stay creates emotional and financial strain for both the elder and their family. Anticipating these needs in advance can… Read More
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3 Reasons Why an Estate P…

3 Reasons Why an Estate Plan For Your Aging Parent Is Essential

The best time for anyone to create an estate plan is when they are healthy — and that is especially true for older adults. Here are three reasons why an estate plan for your aging parent is essential. Reason #1: Who Will Manage Your Parent’s Fina… Read More
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5 Reasons Why a Will Is N…

5 Reasons Why a Will Is Not an Estate Plan

Having a Will is extremely important. But a Will is not an estate plan. An estate plan is more comprehensive than a Will. Your estate plan accomplishes goals that your Will does not and cannot. 1. A Will Does Not Protect You During Your Lifetime.  … Read More
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What Is the Process For S…

What Is the Process For Setting Up a Trust?

An estate plan often includes a trust as an essential component of the plan. While most people know generally what a trust is, many are not familiar with the details that go into creating a trust. Regardless of the type of trust, the process for sett… Read More
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Close up of a Family Estate planning document with writing hand

How Estate Planning Protects You During Your Life

Many people do not realize that an estate plan does a lot more than determine distribution of your property after your death.  Careful estate planning protects you during your life as well. Your Estate Plan Protects You and Your Family An important… Read More
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Retirement planning and family investment concept with wealthy tree growing on parent and children's hands

How To Protect Your Children’s Inheritance From Strangers and Gold Diggers

How would you feel if you knew that your children would never receive the financial legacy you built for them?  As unthinkable as it sounds, children can be cut out of the family estate when a deceased spouse leaves everything outright to the surviv… Read More
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Power of Attorney Document with Pen

Recent Changes in the Georgia Power of Attorney Act May Affect Your Estate Plan

Georgia law governing powers of attorney changed substantially on July 1, 2017.  Additional changes became effective on July 1, 2018.  If you created your power of attorney before the changes, or if you consider creating a power of attorney now, un… Read More
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Inherited IRA written on a piggy bank.

Inherited IRAs Lose Asset Protection in Georgia

In June 2014, a decision of the United States Supreme Court concerning inherited Individual Retirement Accounts sent repercussions through the estate planning and financial planning communities — and had a significant financial impact on a woman wh… Read More
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House keys with red ribbon - Gifting Your House to your Kids

Thinking of Gifting Your House to Your Kids? (Stop! Read This First!)

You might be thinking that transferring ownership by gifting your house to your kids is a sound estate planning idea. Maybe your home is the place you raised your family, a place that holds all your best life’s memories. It only makes sense that yo… Read More
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