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Little girl visits grandmother on other side of glass door

Covid-19 Update: How Can Elders and Their Families Stay Safe?

While the State of Georgia and most other states have begun to relax social and economic restrictions arising from coronavirus Covid-19, elders and their families should continue to take precautions to protect against infection. The risks to seniors… Read More
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Coronavirus Scam Alert

Beware of Scams & Fraud During the Coronavirus Covid-19 (and All the Time)

It’s always important to be aware of and alert to scams and fraud. But during the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, scammers and fraudsters are busier and more deceitful than ever. And they are managing to stay ahead of aggressive government and law e… Read More
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stay home, stay safe

Your Legal Needs Matter More Than Ever During Covid-19 — Including Your Estate Plan. We’re Here to Help.

During this unsettling time of the coronavirus Covid-19, all of us at Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia share the worries of every individual and family. But above all, we are ensuring that the legal needs of existing and new clients are me… Read More
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