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Elder financial abuse

Planning to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

Financial exploitation destroys the resources of many vulnerable elders. Losses amount to several billion dollars every year in the United States, according to one elder organization. Planning to prevent elder financial abuse is highly effective. The… Read More
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Elder woman opening her wallet

Planning For Nursing Home Costs

In Georgia, nursing home costs average about $80,000 a year at the present time, according to multiple sources. With many elders eventually needing nursing home care or another type of long-term care, planning ahead about how to pay those costs for y… Read More
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elder woman with a lawyer

Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a relatively recent area of legal practice that embraces a wide range of matters that uniquely affect individuals as they age. Elder law attorneys are compassionate, caring lawyers dedicated to helping senior clients and their families a… Read More
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Woman Helping Senior woman With Paperwork

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Georgia Power of Attorney?

In Georgia, a durable power of attorney for financial matters (POA) is an important legal document that everyone needs. While you can sign a POA form without help from an attorney, the only way to make certain that your Georgia power of attorney is v… Read More
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Things To Know About Estate Planning

Estate Planning Terminology Explained

Estate planning includes the use of special terms that may be confusing the first time you come across them. To help demystify the estate planning process, the explanations that follow will help you understand common estate planning words and phrases… Read More
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Covid-19 Update: How Can…

Covid-19 Update: How Can Elders and Their Families Stay Safe?

While the State of Georgia and most other states have begun to relax social and economic restrictions arising from coronavirus Covid-19, elders and their families should continue to take precautions to protect against infection. The risks to seniors… Read More
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Your Legal Needs Matter M…

Your Legal Needs Matter More Than Ever During Covid-19 — Including Your Estate Plan. We’re Here to Help.

During this unsettling time of the coronavirus Covid-19, all of us at Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia share the worries of every individual and family. But above all, we are ensuring that the legal needs of existing and new clients are me… Read More
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nurse with elderly lady - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

How Nursing Home Care Planning Protects Your Assets

Many aging adults require a stay in a nursing home at some point in their later years. Coping with the high cost of even a short stay creates emotional and financial strain for both the elder and their family. Anticipating these needs in advance can… Read More
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Senior man and daughter - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

3 Reasons Why an Estate Plan For Your Aging Parent Is Essential

The best time for anyone to create an estate plan is when they are healthy — and that is especially true for older adults. Here are three reasons why an estate plan for your aging parent is essential. Reason #1: Who Will Manage Your Parent’s Fina… Read More
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elements of a will - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

5 Reasons Why a Will Is Not an Estate Plan

Having a Will is extremely important. But a Will is not an estate plan. An estate plan is more comprehensive than a Will. Your estate plan accomplishes goals that your Will does not and cannot. 1. A Will Does Not Protect You During Your Lifetime. A t… Read More
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