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Placing flowers on a grave concept for Talk with a Medicaid planning attorney when considering a burial contract.

How Does a Burial Contract Affect Medicaid Eligibility?

Seniors often consider buying a burial contract to pay for final expenses, to save loved ones from being responsible for the costs. While Georgia Medicaid rules for long term care benefits have a burial exclusion in calculating assets for eligibility… Read More
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What Assets Count for Medicaid Eligibility?

For elders residing in the State of Georgia, the Medicaid program often provides financial support for long-term and nursing home care. The program has eligibility limits based on income and assets of the elder. In many cases, a person who thinks the… Read More
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Nursing home planning concept

Why You Should Make Sure Your Home is Protected Before Entering a Nursing Home

Many aging adults eventually require a stay in a nursing home or another type of long-term care. Often, one of the resulting concerns is what happens to a person’s home if they enter a nursing home. Fortunately, there are legal strategies that can… Read More
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Georgia Medicaid Treatment of Retirement Plans

Many Georgia seniors have hard-earned savings in retirement plans. When those individuals plan for their long-term care and nursing home needs, questions often arise about how retirement plan assets affect eligibility for Georgia Medicaid benefits fo… Read More
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nurse with elderly lady - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

How Nursing Home Care Planning Protects Your Assets

Many aging adults require a stay in a nursing home at some point in their later years. Coping with the high cost of even a short stay creates emotional and financial strain for both the elder and their family. Anticipating these needs in advance can… Read More
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elements of a will - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

5 Reasons Why a Will Is Not an Estate Plan

Having a Will is extremely important. But a Will is not an estate plan. An estate plan is more comprehensive than a Will. Your estate plan accomplishes goals that your Will does not and cannot. 1. A Will Does Not Protect You During Your Lifetime. A t… Read More
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Pile of Medicaid Buttons With US Flag

How Does a Qualified Income Trust (Miller Trust) Help Medicaid Eligibility in Georgia?

Seniors applying for Medicaid to cover long-term care costs must meet both asset and income requirements to be eligible. If you are over the income limit, establishing a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) — also called a Miller Trust — may enable you t… Read More
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Medicaid written near a laptop and stethoscope. - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

How Does the Medicaid Look-Back Rule Affect Medicaid Eligibility?

Eligibility for Medicaid coverage for long-term care costs requires a complicated analysis of a senior’s assets and income. One asset rule that causes a lot of confusion is the Medicaid look-back period. While the rule itself is complex to apply in… Read More
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Smiling senior couple talking on sofa while holding walking cane. - Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia

Can Veterans Receive Both VA Benefits and Medicaid?

Both Medicaid and VA benefits may pay for long-term care costs for qualifying elders. Each program is complex and can be difficult to understand by itself. What’s even more confusing is how VA benefits and Medicaid interact with one another. VA ben… Read More
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What Is the Effect of Income-Producing Property on Medicaid Eligibility in Georgia?

Medicaid is program funded jointly by the State of Georgia and the federal government that may benefit senior residents needing long-term care. The eligibility rules for Medicaid are extremely complicated. One particular issue that arises with some f… Read More
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