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The conversation about the family home with a father and son.

Family Home Ownership Concerns and Options for Seniors

Like many seniors, you may have concerns about the future of your family home, such as what happens if you or your spouse go into a nursing home or whether your children can keep the home after you pass away. Fortunately, options and strategies are a… Read More
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Late Life Remarriages, Family Legacies and Asset Protection

Late life remarriages can — and often do — interfere with the inheritance expectations of adult children and grandchildren. In some cases, the cause is the wish of the remarried spouse to take care of a new (and often much younger) spouse. A real… Read More
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House keys with red ribbon - Gifting Your House to your Kids

Thinking of Gifting Your House to Your Kids? (Stop! Read This First!)

You might be thinking that transferring ownership by gifting your house to your kids is a sound estate planning idea. Maybe your home is the place you raised your family, a place that holds all your best life’s memories. It only makes sense that yo… Read More
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