Can Veterans Receive Both VA Benefits and Medicaid?

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Both Medicaid and VA benefits may pay for long-term care costs for qualifying elders. Each program is complex and can be difficult to understand by itself. What’s even more confusing is how VA benefits and Medicaid interact with one another.

VA benefits may be used to pay for home care, assisted living care, and nursing home care. In Georgia, Medicaid primarily covers long-term care in a nursing home, but Georgia elder law attorneys are hopeful that this coverage may expand.

In some situations, an individual or married couple may receive benefits under both programs in order to help pay for the monthly cost of long-term care such as nursing home expenses. The type of care a veteran or surviving spouse needs is an important consideration in determining how to proceed if a person or couple may qualify for both types of assistance.

Eligibility for VA Benefits and Medicaid

Medicaid and VA benefits have significantly different eligibility rules. In addition, VA pension rules changed substantially in October 2018, which may affect your eligibility for VA benefits.

Marital status is a factor in eligibility and benefits. In some cases, a married couple spouse can be eligible for both programs, with one spouse qualifying for VA benefits and the other for Medicaid.

If an individual or married couple may be eligible for both types of assistance, applying the rules becomes very complicated. Long-term care planning and asset protection planning must take into account both sets of rules.

There are many considerations in deciding how to proceed if you may be eligible for VA benefits and Medicaid. Getting advice from a qualified veterans benefit and Medicaid planner is the best way to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits and protect your assets to the extent possible.

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