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When a person passes away, probate of his or her Last Will and Testament is often required before heirs can inherit property owned at the person's death. If the person had no Will, the person's property is commonly managed by an administrator appointed by the probate court (often a family member). Exceptions include certain "small estates" and property that is passed on to heirs by other means, such as through a trust, a beneficiary designation, or a Payable on Death election. A probate lawyer helps families navigate the various scenarios.

It is generally advisable to work with a qualified Georgia probate lawyer, both to understand what processes, forms, and other estate administration requirements are necessary and to seek assistance with the many details of the probate process.

Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia assists clients with Georgia probate in Bartow County, Cobb County, Cherokee County, Gordon County, Floyd County and Paulding County. We work with local executors/personal representatives and appointed administrators, as well as with out-of-state heirs handling — or with interests in — a Georgia probate matter. Probate is generally appropriate in the county where the deceased lived or where Georgia property is located.

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