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Estate planning and elder law are not just services offered by qualified professionals. They are also the beginning of important conversations among family members and between elder parents and their children or grandchildren. Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia is committed to facilitating these conversations through our services and through free educational resources about elder rights, estate planning and medical planning.

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Planning For Nursing Home Costs

In Georgia, nursing home costs average about $80,000 a year at the present time, according to multiple sources. With many elders eventually needing nursing home care or another type of long-term care, planning ahead about how to pay those costs for y… Read More
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Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a relatively recent area of legal practice that embraces a wide range of matters that uniquely affect individuals as they age. Elder law attorneys are compassionate, caring lawyers dedicated to helping senior clients and their families a… Read More
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What To Do When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one passes away, the most important priority is grieving your loss and taking care of your family and yourself. Just as bereavement counseling may be helpful during this difficult time, getting help with estate legal matters also eases y… Read More
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Georgia Medicaid Treatment of Retirement Plans

Many Georgia seniors have hard-earned savings in retirement plans. When those individuals plan for their long-term care and nursing home needs, questions often arise about how retirement plan assets affect eligibility for Georgia Medicaid benefits fo… Read More
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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Georgia Power of Attorney?

In Georgia, a durable power of attorney for financial matters (POA) is an important legal document that everyone needs. While you can sign a POA form without help from an attorney, the only way to make certain that your Georgia power of attorney is v… Read More
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Fiduciary Duty

Who Are the Fiduciaries in Your Estate Plan? (and What That Means)

When you create an estate plan, you name individuals to act on your behalf and for your benefit, as well as implement your wishes, if you become incapacitated or pass away. The people you designate for those responsibilities are fiduciaries. Under Ge… Read More
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Does the Executor of an Estate Need a Probate Attorney in Georgia?

Under Georgia law, the executor of an estate has substantial legal responsibilities. Completing probate and estate administration involves numerous complex legal documents and details — and it takes time. Individuals named as executor in a will oft… Read More
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Things To Know About Estate Planning

Estate Planning Terminology Explained

Estate planning includes the use of special terms that may be confusing the first time you come across them. To help demystify the estate planning process, the explanations that follow will help you understand common estate planning words and phrases… Read More
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Covid-19 Update: How Can…

Covid-19 Update: How Can Elders and Their Families Stay Safe?

While the State of Georgia and most other states have begun to relax social and economic restrictions arising from coronavirus Covid-19, elders and their families should continue to take precautions to protect against infection. The risks to seniors… Read More
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Beware of Scams & Fraud D…

Beware of Scams & Fraud During the Coronavirus Covid-19 (and All the Time)

It’s always important to be aware of and alert to scams and fraud. But during the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, scammers and fraudsters are busier and more deceitful than ever. And they are managing to stay ahead of aggressive government and law e… Read More
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