Beware of Scams & Fraud During the Coronavirus Covid-19 (and All the Time)

Coronavirus Scam Alert

It’s always important to be aware of and alert to scams and fraud. But during the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, scammers and fraudsters are busier and more deceitful than ever. And they are managing to stay ahead of aggressive government and law enforcement efforts to stop them.

Scammers are impersonating government officials from the CDC, Medicare, and other agencies. They are even selling unapproved treatments and medications that can be life-threatening, as well as at-home tests that don’t exist. Their only goal is to get your money and access to your finances. Don’t let them get away with it!

At Asset Protection & Elder Law of Georgia, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy during Covid-19 — that’s why we want you to be keenly aware of the increase in scams and fraud that prey on the fears we all share. We also want you to know that we are here to help with any legal needs you have during the coronavirus. If we can help you and your loved ones, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

How to Stay Safe From Scams and Fraud

Scammers want to steal your money and your personal information. They will do anything to get their hands on both. Their malicious efforts target unsuspecting individuals through email, phone calls, and online websites. Here are ways to watch out for some of the current common scams:

  • Be alert to charity scams, which are proliferating. Check out any charity before you donate. Your bank account could be emptied if you don’t.
  • Ignore all offers for vaccinations, home test kits, treatments, and medications. The FDA has not approved any of these, despite what you might hear or read to the contrary. Falling for any of these scams could put your life at risk.
  • Don’t respond to texts, emails, or phone calls about your government stimulus check. They are fraudulent.
  • Watch out for emails and phone calls claiming to be from the CDC or another government agency.
  • Beware health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and mortgage scams.
  • Don’t believe phone calls about your Google small business listing. They are fraudulent.

To stay safe, do not ever click on links in emails or respond by pressing numbers on your phone when asked to do so. Answer only calls from people that you know and trust. Do not take any medicine or test unless your own known medical professional prescribes it for you. Your finances and your life depend on being super vigilant now.

Additional Resources

Federal and state governments and law enforcement are hot on the trail of coronavirus scammers and fraudsters. Yet the emails and phone calls continue, taking new forms every day. For current information, and to report scammers, here are additional resources:

If You Need Help, Please Reach Out to Us

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